The Renewable Energy Institute was founded in 2006 as a non-profit company in Texas and is spreading nationwide with state chapters that focus on their unique renewable energy resources and advance renewable energy technologie.  Florida was the first state to open a Renewable Energy Institute chapter with several new state chapters opening in 2011.

The Renewable Energy Institute is the Publisher of hundreds of the leading renewable energy websites.  Monty Goodell is our Founder and Chairman that recognized the need for a Renewable Energy Institute.  Shortly after he received his Master's degree in 1995 from Baylor University, he began acquiring many of the leading energy and renewable energy website addresses.  Mr. Goodell was an early adapter for integrating the internet into conducting business and he recognized that owning the leading website addresses for the energy and renewable energy industry would provide both a strategic competitive advantage as well as a durable competitive advantage.  Monty has nearly 14 years experience with two Fortune 100 utility companies where he was the recipient of numerous sales and marketing awards, including the 1st Place Company Sales Award and 2nd Place Company Sales Award in back-to-back years. He has published several articles in energy and renewable energy, serves as a consultant for multiple energy projects including 2 "Net Zero Energy" developments, and has been a speaker, panelist or moderator at over a dozen conferences.

The REI acts as a network that partners with professors and universities as well as architects and engineers to deliver and advance sustainable solutions and renewable energy technologies. We believe in bold action and the power of ideas and ending America's addiction to fossil fuels, and immediately ending all purchases of fossil fuels from foreign countries (except for Canada and Mexico). We see the current challenges facing our great nation in energy, security, health and prosperity as a call to action and believe we can be a leader and part of the solution to these many problems. 

The Renewable Energy Institute (REI) is a Non-Profit (501 c-3 pending) company that is "Changing The Way The World Makes and Uses Energy by Providing Research & Development, Funding and Resources That Create Pollution Free Power, Carbon Free Energy & Renewable Energy Technologies." 

The REI, in addition to providing support and advocacy for all renewable energy technologies, provides funds for important research that leading professors, grad students and universities are conducting that will make America energy independent and end our dependence on foreign fossil fuels via renewable energy technologies. 

The Renewable Energy Institute and its Scientific Advisory Board is available to perform Renewable Energy Feasibility studies and Front-end engineering design services – including solar cogeneration and solar trigeneration plants, "Net Zero Energy" buildings/developments, geothermal power plants, concentrating solar power plants, and biodiesel/biomass/biomethane and synthesis gas fueled cogeneration or trigeneration power plants.