About Us

About Us:

Renewable Energy Technologies is a privately-held company providing turn-key (design/build/finance/own/operate) cogeneration, trigeneration and other power and energy engineering development services that are environmentally-friendly, and Kyoto Protocol compliant.

Our focus is based in providing "optimized" power and an energy project that provides our commercial, industrial, utility and municipal clients with reduced fuel expenses, lowered electricity expenses, increased system efficiency, and therefore results in decreased carbon dioxide emissions and greenhouse gas emissions. Our onsite power generation systems are "environmentally-friendly" as well. Because we provide an "optimized" power and energy solution, we maximize the available btu’s and achieve system efficiencies of 85% to 90% or more. This means far fewer emissions since much less fuel is required.

We also provide the following products and services:

  • Absorption Chillers
  • Biomethane recovery
  • Biomass Gasification
  • Coal Gasification
  • Cogeneration Project Development
  • Combined cycle power plant
  • Demand Side Management
  • Energy Conservation Measures
  • Energy Master Planning
  • Energy Performance Contracting
  • Energy Savings Performance Contracting
  • Engine Driven Chillers
  • Landfill Gas To Energy
  • Organic Rankine Cycle
  • Trigeneration Project Development
  • Waste Heat Recovery
  • Project Design, Engineering & Permitting
  • Project Construction
  • Project Funding & Financing Options
  • 3rd Party Project Ownership/Long-term Lease – with no capital or investment requirements with qualified clients
  • All contract negotiations including Power Purchase Agreements and Energy Services Agreements
  • Project Commissioning
  • Determination and processing of incentives, rebates, (including Renewable Energy Credit) and tax credits
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Long-term service agreements
  • Post-commissioning project performance and monitoring

Unlike the majority of other companies, we are equipment supplier/vendor neutral. This means we help our clients select the best equipment for their specific application. This approach provides our customers with superior performance, decreased operating expenses and increased return on investment.

For qualified clients, we develop, design, build, own and operate onsite power generation energy and power plants. For many of our customers, we do this at NO COST, and then we deliver the power (electricity) and energy (hot water, chilled water and steam) your company, building, plant, campus or facility requires – and at a cost savings of 25% to 60% or more. (actual savings depends on your electric rates, electric demand charges, natural gas rate, location, how and when energy is used, time of day rates, among others).

More and more of our commercial, industrial and utility clients are requiring clean energy and power solutions – which also provide substantial economic and environmental savings. After identifying our customer’s specific requirements and goals, and ask us to proceed, we conduct a comprehensive analysis that tell us exactly how and when you use each btu and kWh. At the conclusion, we provide our client with a proposal that lists specific recommendations that will reduce energy and power expenses.

Our proposals and recommendations are based on our client’s specific requirements and goals – for example; a client may request that our list of recommendations include only those items that have an ROI of less than 36 months.

MOST IMPORTANTLY FOR OUR CUSTOMERS…..WE ARE VENDOR, EQUIPMENT, AND SUPPLIER NEUTRAL!! There are thousands of companies involved in energy design, management and manufacturers of power and energy equipment – most with single-source suppliers or equipment offerings. Our "optimized" energy management solution may include a mix of several suppliers that provides the best solution for our clients. Some of the solutions we may recommend include; load shifting, boiler plant thermal energy storage, demand side management, absorption chillers, engine driven chillers, hybrid chiller plants, and distributed generation/onsite power and energy systems that include cogeneration or our advanced trigeneration and even quadgeneration systems.

A cogeneration, trigeneration or quadgeneration system’s best solution may involve multiple suppliers of equipment options. We are dedicated to providing the optimum energy solution for our clients. This means we review all of the equipment offerings to find the best equipment solution for our clients. Our client’s have individual and unique energy requirements that don’t always match a given manufacturer’s equipment offering…. we find the optimum solution for your specific requirements – then we match your solution with the right equipment – which might mean coming from many different – and competing manufacturers.

Top 10 Reasons your company should install an optimized energy system from us:

  • SUBSTANTIALLY LOWER ENERGY EXPENSES! Your combined energy expenses (electricity and natural gas) costs will be significantly reduced. Savings of 20% to 60% or more from your existing and natural gas rates are often achieved.
  • Trigeneration is the most efficient and environmentally-friendly method to produce electricity, hot water/steam and chilled water for onsite energy uses. This can be a significant public relations opportunity for business through installation of our “cooler, cleaner greener” energy/power systems.
  • Our advanced trigeneration systems routinely obtain and surpass 90% efficiency as opposed to 27%-35% efficiency from your electric utility provider.
  • “Free” hot water! Our clean energy system eliminates/reduces the need for boilers and water heaters. After installation of our co/tri/quadgeneration system, your facility can have smaller boilers/water heaters… or maybe none at all. This results in less maintenance and repairs costs.
  • Eliminates or reduces the need for your having to “invest” in the electric company’s utility transformers. Trigeneration Technologies can help you make the right energy solutions that will save 20% to 60% or more on energy costs.
  • ROI’s (Return on Investment) of 12 months to LESS than 3 years!
  • Electric rates continue to escalate. You can lock-in your energy costs for up to 10 years with one of our trigeneration systems.
  • Elimination of up to 100% of your electric demand charges from your electric utility.
  • Eliminates/reduces black-outs, power interruptions, demand charges and other electric utility problems.
  • We are supplier and vendor-neutral. We select the optimum energy and power system solution for your facility. This means the system selected for your facility is the best system that will return the best returns for your investment.

We use the following foundational elements to all of our energy and power projects.

  • Project Planning – Planning is critical to your project’s success. We design & engineer the “optimum” energy and power solution, which results in reduced energy costs for the life of the project.
  • Collaboration – no single product, system, project, consultant, group, or corporation can achieve an optimized energy solution selling just their line of products. We collaborate with all equipment suppliers to find the optimum solution for your facilities.
  • Options – We provide options of proven technologies that are customized energy/power solutions for our clients, as opposed to “boiler-plate,” non-customized equipment from single-source manufacturers.

For utility and industrial clients needing optimum energy solutions, Cogeneration Technologies specializes in power and process steam as well as waste heat recovery. For commercial clients needing to lower energy expenses, Trigeneration Technologies specializes in trigeneration and quadgeneration systems that dramatically.

Our company provides significant savings for our clients through reduced fuel expenses while simultaneously raising their power reliability (no more blackouts). Our company president has been involved in the energy industry since 1981 and has been involved in cogeneration and trigeneration since 1986.

We develop and implement energy solutions that improve the global environment by producing clean energy from fuels such as natural gas (including liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas), agricultural, municipal and forestry waste and other renewable resources such as energy crops. EGS’ power plants can also accept a wide range of biomass feedstock, all of which can be converted into a clean burning, medium-Btu gas that can be used as a direct substitute for natural gas.

As consultants in the energy field, we can design, engineer and develop power projects up to 500 MW. We were recently selected to design, build, own and operate a 15 MW trigeneration power plant for the new Charis Convention Center and Resort. This power plant will incorporate thermal energy storage as well as solar power for one of the cleanest power plants to ever be designed in Southern California.

We also manufacture our own cogeneration system and advanced trigeneration system for commercial buildings, properties and businesses. We can provide a system for just about any size building or business with our systems that range in size from 60 kW to 200 kW. And by placing units together, we can provide as much as 3 megawatts of power.

EGS’ advanced trigeneration process, coupled with a conventional reciprocating engine or gas turbine, can convert fuel into electric power at over twice the efficiency of conventional systems.

Our highly efficient power plants produce up to 4 different types of energy using our advanced trigeneration technology i.e. electricity, steam, hot water, and chilled water for air conditioning from one “on-site” power plant in one process using one fuel.

Our Advanced Trigeneration System

  • Reaches system efficiencies of up to 90%, compared with conventional power plants at around 28% – 35% and combined-cycle cogeneration power plants at about 60% efficient.
  • Significantly reduces environmental impact compared to typical fossil fuel based power plants, including the elimination of net greenhouse gas additions to the environment.
  • May save as much money through increased energy efficiencies so that the new system is paid for in as little as 2-3 years (depending on existing electric rates, load profile and thermal demand).
  • Reduces demand of power from the electric grid.
  • Eliminates black-outs and other power interruptions.
  • Decreases our dependence on foreign oil.
  • With the ability to obtain competitively priced fuel, Trigeneration Technologies’ advanced trigeneration process is competitive with all other forms of renewable and nonrenewable energy production.

Advanced cogeneration and trigeneration technologies are our specialties. Trigeneration provides even greater savings and energy efficiencies (up to 50% greater than cogeneration) for our clients that provide even further reductions in the amounts of harmful emissions typically associated with power production. Trigeneration is now the preferred energy technology throughout Europe and Asia.

More About Us:

We are an equipment manufacturer "neutral" and independent company.

That is NOT TRUE with most onsite power and energy companies. Even many engineering companies have "preferred" relationships with just one or two suppliers. In fact, we have found that OVER 90% of these companies have "preferred" suppliers of equipment, many only offering one or two brands of power/energy equipment. They may tell you up-front they are equipment "neutral" but when you speak with their "behind-the-scenes" engineers and staff, you will find they already know which "brand" you need – even before they analyze your specific situation or perform any review of your facility.

These companies, with their hidden agendas, preferred suppliers and failures to place their customer’s interests first receive;

  • Additional compensation in the form of "free" engineering studies and services from the supplier/manufacturer they represent. These "free" engineering studies are slanted and skewed to the manufacturer’s line of equipment.
  • Significant discounts in equipment purchases, which they may or may not pass on to their client.
  • Other "dividends" at the CLIENT’s expense, such as commissions and other rebates and incentives.

Installing the wrong cogeneration or trigeneration equipment can be a very expensive and very unnecessary "investment." Especially when you consider the significant sums of money that will be "wasted" over the life of the equipment. And when properly maintained, a new cogeneration or trigeneration power/energy system can last 40 years!

When a customer purchases and installs a new onsite cogeneration or trigeneration power/energy system that operates at only 72% efficiency, when, for the same investment, or almost the same investment, the client could have had a power/energy system operating at 89% efficiency, with a difference of 17%, over 40 years life expectancy, this savings/lost savings, could add up to millions of dollars.

Our company has no hidden agendas or supplier preferences. This means we help our clients select the Best Available Technology TM that provides our customers with superior, "optimized" performance, decreased energy and power expenses and increased return on investment. For qualified projects and clients, we will build, own and operate the new cogeneration or trigeneration power/energy system for NO INVESTMENT. We have investors with millions of dollars to invest in our company’s and our customer’s new cogeneration or trigeneration power/energy systems.

To proceed correctly, and with no hidden agendas, preferred equipment suppliers, or allegiances, we start out by having a 3rd party (independent) engineering firm (also with no hidden agendas, or preferred relationships) perform a cogeneration or trigeneration power/energy engineering and economic feasibility study. What the independent engineering company and our company is seeking is an "optimized" power and energy solution for our clients. Yes, this study does cost the client for the service. For projects under 10 MW, this study can cost anywhere from $40,000 to over $100,000. However, this engineering and economic study will look at the client’s specific facility and their power and energy requirements, as well as opportunities for "waste heat recovery." In the final report provided to the client, and to our company, all leading equipment manufacturers and suppliers have been reviewed and an "optimized" solution selected. The study also details the operating costs from one system to another, along with capital costs for the initial investment and a ROI is also provided for the client’s decision. Finally, the cogeneration or trigeneration engineering and economic feasibility study provides the client with a blueprint on how to proceed, either on their own, or with our assistance, in building a new onsite cogeneration or trigeneration power/energy system.

Depending on the client’s facility, location and their credit and financial requirements, our company may build, own and operate the new power/energy system – with no investment on the part of the client. We wil even refund the cost of the cogeneration or trigeneration engineering and economic feasibility study! As the owner of the new cogeneration or trigeneration power/energy system, we become your company’s onsite "private" utility provider, and we deliver onsite power, chilled water (for air-conditioning), steam and hot water, for immediate savings from 8% to 15%, or more, over your existing power and energy expenses. Our power and energy is also more reliable than you presently receive, and guaranteed, under our company’s Energy Services Agreement.

Again, the engineering study provides all parties with the due-diligence, kWh’s, btu’s, therms, and other important numbers, as well as the basis for making an informed and educated decision on what the possible savings are, the capital costs, operating efficiencies, ROI, as well as the best, optimized solution – and whose equipment should be selected.

More about us:

Renewable Energy Technologies is a wholly-owned subsidiary of EcoGeneration Solutions, LLC. ("EGS").

We are privately-held companies that provide our commercial, industrial and utility customers with turn-key, "optimized" onsite power and energy systems. This means we provide complete engineering and design services, project financing/funding, as well as permitting, project management and commissioning.

EGS offers environmentally-friendly electric power, energy and thermal energy plants, waste heat recovery solutions and distributed generation or onsite power generation products and services.

We are developers and owners of new (and existing) power plants, energy/thermal plants, district energy systems and turn-key cogeneration, trigeneration, (integrated energy systems), simple cycle and combined cycle power and energy systems used for prime power. EGS purchases existing power plants, energy/thermal plants and district energy systems presently owned by customers who want to focus on their core business.

Our engineers focus on "optimized" power and energy solutions for our customers – which means our clients, or our company, when we are the owner, have a solution that attains a maximum return on investment. This also means, lower energy expenses, maximized waste heat recovery, and little to no environmental impact. Because our power and energy solutions are so efficient, we qualify for many clean energy rebates, grants and special funding from our investors, and from governmental agencies.

Whenever possible, we utilize "Trigeneration" when customers require electricity and 2 other forms of thermal energy, such as chilled water for air-conditioning and steam/hot water.

Reaching 93% efficiency, trigeneration is the cleanest, most efficient, economic and environmentally-friendly method of making electricity. This means trigeneration reduces energy expenses, conserves natural resources, reduces the need for foreign oil imports, and also provides significant environmental dividends.